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Optex is highly recommended for anyone planning to invest on cryptocurrency. It has multiple options for both cryptocurrency and tokens listed in the same platform. I haven’t seen anyone offering so many features in a single platform.

One of the best platforms till date! I have traded on several exchanges for years but the flexibility with Optex is commendable. Deposits, withdrawals, fund management, buy and sell records – I simply get them all at one place. And special mention to their support team for their continued effort. Great work!

It is easy to use, multiple tokens and currencies are listed for me to choose, easy trading options and a great support team. Undoubtedly one of the best one can get for their cryptocurrency.

I am trading on this platform for quite some time now. The features are good and help me to manage it with ease. I strongly advise you to join Optex as compared to the other exchanges; they have added perks in the application. Go ahead for Optex and thank me later!

The experience is superb here! The best part is you get both, digital currencies and tokens listed in a same exchange. And I can trade on them using a wallet. Definitely recommended to others who wish to learn about cryptocurrency trading and apply their knowledge.

I have listed my ICO into Optex. They have a strong verification process but the process is hassle-free. If you know all about your ICO and have the documents ready for verification, Optex is the place for you. Go for it and never look back.