Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can get answers to the most asked questions about Optex.

What is Optex?

Optex is an advanced digital currency exchange with real-time trading opportunities available for multiple currencies and tokens on a single platform.

Is it safe to use Optex?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Optex for your digital currency trades. We have integrated latest and advanced technology architectures to keep your data, information, wallets and funds safe and secure.

How is trade price of a digital currency determined?

The last traded price of a digital currency is the price at which the last buy and sell of an order is matched. The last traded price comes from the market rate at which the last buy and sell took place.

Can I update my phone number/email id/name?

Yes, you can update your personal details in the profile section of your account. You must follow an authentication process to update your profile details.

Can someone else trade on my account?

No. No one should trade on your account. All trades and activities performed through Optex will be considered to be made by the user.

How to reset my password?

Reset password by authenticating your details and following the password reset link sent to your registered email address.